Labyrinth Walking

The morning is a beautiful time to walk the labyrinth, an ancient tool for walking meditation, and a symbol of your personal journey and spiritual renewal.

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Why Walk a Labyrinth?

In labyrinths, whether ancient or modern, we walk in and we walk out. We coil and we uncoil. We do so both physically and spiritually. The body and the spirit experience an intentional, simultaneous outing. We walk a path one foot after another, and it is a path to the holy place inside us.

The American Cancer Society states that labyrinths “may be helpful as a complementary method to decrease stress and create a state of relaxation.”  Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity.  Research studies conducted in a variety of settings consistently have shown that walking a labyrinth reduces stress.

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Suggestions When You Take Your Journey

Take a moment to stand at the entrance of the labyrinth and become clear about your intentions for walking.

Perhaps enter with a question, a statement, or an image; perhaps with prayers or meditation for a particular person or situation.  You may want to reflect on the past year or walk into your dreams and goals for the upcoming year.

As you walk, let your intention or question sink more deeply into your heart and soul with each step.  Responses and intuitions may come in the form of words, feelings, awareness, images or just knowing.