Overall responsibility:

The volunteer services coordinator is responsible for the overall delivery of services by volunteers and the support of volunteers.


Reports to:                 Operations Coordinator


Key areas of responsibility: (Other duties may be assigned as appropriate.)

  1. Design volunteer program – work with management to design the basic elements of a volunteer program and related materials.
  1. Implement and evaluate all volunteer recruitment, orientation and record keeping
  • Recruit, screen, interview and check references of all volunteers. Together with management, assess suitability of potential volunteers for front-line service
  • Design, implement and evaluate volunteer training program
  • Conduct educational needs and assessments with individual volunteers and through specific sessions
  • Manage volunteer education budget
  1. Provide volunteer supervision and volunteer assignment of duties
  • Place bi-monthly call to all volunteers re: volunteer satisfaction
  • Conduct yearly interviews re: volunteer satisfaction
  • check in with volunteers on leaves of absence/ bereavement leave
  • Coordinate volunteers’ assignments
  • Recruit internal and external volunteers for specific assignments
  • Ensure the development and/or maintenance of job descriptions for all volunteers
  1. Plan and execute all volunteer appreciation events
  • Plan volunteer appreciation events
  • Write submissions and/or coordinate volunteer submissions to the newsletter
  • Manage volunteer appreciation budget
  • Develop new, innovative ways to show appreciation to volunteers
  1. Plan annual open house event
  • Recruit volunteers for committee
  • Plan annual event in collaboration with management, including invitations,
  • Manage budget for the event
  • Evaluate the event
  1. Maintain volunteer lists, statistics, and forms.
  • Maintain computerized volunteer address and phone lists – distribute regularly to staff
  • Collect statistics re: volunteer recruitment, attrition, appreciation
  • Review current forms & develop new forms as appropriate
  1. Represent the organization at volunteer coordinator events
  • Attend volunteer coordinators’ network meetings

Consults with:

  • Director and planning team on scheduling of activities and bookings
  • Resident staff about ongoing activities and scheduling

Qualifications, skills and/or requirements:

  • Belief in, support, and adherent to mission statement
  • Strong computer skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Independent judgment and discretion when working with the public and other staff
  • Caring and hospitable attitude towards our guests
  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Polite and respectful approach in working with others
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to multi-task and to handle multiple interruptions
  • Ability to listen
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Ability to organize and prioritize responsibilities


To apply for this volunteer position, please forward your Cover Letter and Resume to: hr@bethlehemcentre.com