Glenn Inglis

Glenn Inglis

Glenn Inglis is an ordained clergy with the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He is officially ‘retired’ but is currently an Associate Pastor with Living Faith Lutheran Church in Sechelt. He provides spiritual direction to a number of individuals and maintains accountability through a circle with 9 other active directors in BC. who meet monthly.

Glenn has served pastorates in BC and as well, with his wife, Linda, served over 16 years in Malawi as a Pastor, Human Rights Coordinator and Director of the Church’s Development Programme, focusing on AIDS Orphans, sustainable agriculture, maternal health care and ecumenical cooperation.

Glenn has had a long association with Bethlehem Centre through Sister Jill and later with Elly Bradley. Glenn has been under Elly’s guidance for almost 30 years. As well, he has attended many retreats as a directee and in 2017 participated in the 40 day Ignatian Retreat at Loyola House, Guelph.

Events with Glenn Inglis

Men's Group "What, for us, is Sacred?": Men’s Autumn Retreat
November 24 - 26, 2023

There was a time when we would speak of scripture, sacraments, vows, precious objects, and even the Creation itself as sacred. But these days we hear the question “Is anything sacred?” We tend to measure most things in terms of material value or utility. In our weekend together, we will consider what is sacred to/for us. And how do we regain a sense of the sacred in this troublesome time of our world? As background, we will ask participants to acquire a book by Margaret Silf, “Sacred In The City” – (Lion Books/Augsburg*) a very brief but insightful reflection on…