Laurie Harding

Laurie’s skill area and passion is in one/one coaching, group facilitation, and educating Settler peoples about the impacts of Canada’s historical and contemporary colonial realities including; systemic racism, socialized bias, and normalized stereotypes. Her knowledge, awareness, skills, and beliefs have been formed in experience and relationships working for and collaborating with Indigenous scholars and leaders in Indigenous anti-racism and Cultural Safety education and training. 

Laurie offers support for non-Indigenous service providers to assess workplace/practice to encourage leading by example, accountability, responsibility, and providing safer services for Indigenous peoples. She also offers support for Indigenous people and teams to debrief and strategize racism interventions.

An important note about race and Laurie’s services:

Her work is created with a focus on support for non-Indigenous people and White people’s accountability in particular (given the context of predominance in leadership and a socialized deficit in racism education). She also recognizes that Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour may want support concerning ongoing systemic racism.   She can also refer to Indigenous People and Settlers of Colour doing Indigenous anti-racism work. Click here to check out her services page.


Insight Indigenous Anti-Racism Coaching Services