Reverend Patricia Lewis Matthews

The Reverend Patricia Lewis Matthews is an Episcopal Priest living and working in
Arkansas. Patricia has a deep love of interfaith dialogue and has integrated it into her 26
years of ministry in the Episcopal Church. She is currently serving as the executive
director of The Interfaith Center of Arkansas. She believes that the peacemaking work of
The Interfaith Center is an integral part of a functioning and harmonious society.
Patricia’s affinity for poetry, discovered as an English major in college and as a explorer
of used book stores in Chicago, has influenced her ability to analyze and experience
traditionally sacred texts. Patricia plays the piano, guitar, and cello (a little). She is a
certified yoga instructor, and she has practiced dream work from a Jungian perspective
since 1998. Recently, Patricia hiked the Camino de Santiago and spent time at Christ in
the Desert Monastery in New Mexico. Patricia is married to James and is the mother of
Dillon, Zoë, and Louisa. They all share a kitten named Honey Bea.