Lynette Jackson

Lynette Jackson

Lynette has decades of experience as an adult educator, spiritual spelunker, and program “midwife”. Her facilitation of intercultural graduate-level leadership and capacity-building programs in Africa and the Middle East, as well as innovative collaborations with tribal councils, post-secondary institutions, federal and provincial governments, non-profit, personal and professional growth centres, and organizations as diverse as Apple, Unicef, and the World Bank, have afforded many opportunities to apply spiritual principles in innovative contexts. She devoted eleven years to residency in a Canadian spiritual centre, exploring both Eastern and Western maps of consciousness with leading-edge teachers. 

Along the way, she has earned an honours degree in English literature, certification as a yoga teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and lay counsellor, and sound healing practitioner, undertaken diverse graduate studies in Child and Youth Care and International and Intercultural Communications, and been awarded the Governor General’s medal for academic excellence. She continues to delight in lifelong learning in the intertidal zone where science and spirituality meet.

Events with Lynette Jackson

Seaguls Singing The Sound, Belonging & Wholeness Weekend Retreat
November 24 - 26, 2023

Are you interested in simple and natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate bodily and emotional ease, and amplify vitality and stamina? Would you enjoy experiencing the health-enhancing host of physical, psychological and spiritual benefits associated with deep, relaxed breathing? How about cultivating the ability to voice your truth with confidence and clarity? And perhaps you yearn to claim your authentic place in “all that is”, to know at the core of your being that you truly belong in this vibrant and turbulent world. Vocal sounding and intentional listening are ancient portals to all of these benefits and more,…