Hosted Programs

Upcoming Hosted Programs

We collaborate with others looking for a place to hold workshops or retreats.
If you would like to have us host your group event let us know.

Senses of the Soul Saturday Workshops

With Jay Suttonbrown

October 7 - December 2, 2023
Shepherd Hall at Bethlehem Centre
Senses of the Soul provides a platform of conscious listening, awareness and integration. When big sensations, feelings and experiences arise, we learn to turn inward instead of outward for answers.

Senses of the Soul Complete Fall Program

With Jay Suttonbrown

October 7 - December 12, 2023
Shepherd Hall
Senses of the Soul takes our yogic work to the next level of personal healing. It is the key integration of our emotions that expands our consciousness. Emotions are SENSES OF YOUR SOUL.
Buddha looking down from the ssky

Clear Sky Mind – Abiding in an Ocean of Tranquility

With Gen Kelsang Zopa

October 18 - 22, 2023
Bethlehem Centre
We often feel stuck in painful habits of thought, such as anxiety, feelings of hurt, or depression. Because we perceive our minds to be fixed and unchanging, we feel trapped inside these painful emotions. But this seemingly inflexible mind does not correspond to the true nature of our mind. In this retreat,
Buddha with candels

BCIMS – Insight Meditation Retreat

With Adrianne Ross and Christina Feldmen

November 1 - 5, 2023
Bethlehem Centre
In this silent retreat, we will explore aspects of the satipatthana sutta to bring mindfulness fully alive in all areas of our experience. We’ll begin by building stability in a compassionate way so that we can be with things as they are, see more clearly, and respond wisely. There will be periods of sitting and walking practice as well as group discussions with the teachers. This retreat is suitable for both newer and experienced practitioners.
Prayer flags

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

With Robert Beatty and Don McEachern

December 1 - 8, 2023
Bethlehem Centre
Perhaps it is time for you to take a deeper dive into your inner life.? Explore what mindfulness and love can reveal with some focused practice in the context of a compassionate community.
Hands holding flower petals

Find Space, Breathe & Reconnect: a 1/2 day Silent Retreat

With Victoria Pawlowski M.Ed., R.C.C. and Dr. Kristy Williams MD

December 3, 2023
Bethlehem Centre
Taking time for retreat offers us the opportunity to step out of our daily routines to reconnect with and care for our innermost selves.
Buddha in the Garden

BCIMS – Meditation New Year Retreat

With Adrianne Ross and Kristina Baré

December 27, 2023 - January 1, 2024
Bethlehem Centre
This silent retreat is suitable for both people new to practice and those with experience and is a wonderful way to end one year and begin the next.

Senses of the Soul 50 Hour Meditation Trainings

With Jay Suttonbrown

January 6 - May 4, 2024
Shepherd Hall at Bethlehem Centre
Senses of the Soul meditation method facilitates a new understanding of your emotions and their role in your daily living. Come and learn how meditation is the key to integrating of your emotions and expanding your consciousness.