• Private Room (Single or Double Bed; Shared Washroom) – CAD $840.00
  • Commuter with 2 meals per day – CAD $570.00

Date & Time Details: Starts Sept. 22 at 3:30 pm Completes Sept. 25 after lunch

Location: Bethlehem Centre

Address: 2371 Arbot Road, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

The Soul of Aging

With Diane MacCormack

September 22 - 25, 2022

Learn the practices of navigating our aging process.

As we age, there is a natural movement towards reflection and making peace with our past. Meet with others on the same path and have safe, confidential conversations.

The “Soul of Aging” is for people that want to explore their aging process within a spiritual community. This retreat will address many of the spiritual aspects of aging, including questions of forgiveness, where are we in our spiritual development, what aspects of ourselves are still yearning for expression, our relationship with time, how to love and serve others, and the notion of befriending our own deaths.

This program is based on the pioneering work of Dr. Parker J Palmer, in an approach called the Circle of Trust, which was developed through the Centre for Courage and Renewal that is designed to create a safe, confidential and sacred space where participants support one another in accessing the voice of their soul.

During this retreat, we learn how to listen deeply to one another, and how to create spaces that are safe for honest sharing and self-discovery. There is a takeaway of a self-created collage of your intended future and a workbook.

Session#1 –  Calling in the Ancestors: Visions of Aging

Session#2 –  Spiritual Formation Across the Lifecycle: Living Into the Soul’s Calling

Session#3 –  The Courage to Name and Claim Your Unlived Life

Session#4 –  Pathways to Wholeness

Session#5 –  Truth & Forgiveness: The Call to Completion

Session#6 –  Enlightenment in Slow Motion

Session#7 –  Stories of Divestment: The Foreign Currency of Change

Session#8 –  The Wisdom of Living In Deep Time

Session#9 –  The Final Stage of Growth

Session#10 –  Generativity, Legacy and Harvesting our Lives

If you are interested in coming for an extra night before the retreat, please call the Centre 250-754-3254


Diane MacCormack
Diane MacCormack is trained and experienced in “Soul of Aging” facilitation. She is a retired public health nurse and a spiritual seeker who found the Circle of Trust approach helpful in her own growth.
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