Tim Stevenson

The Society full-heartedly welcomes Tim Stevenson as board chair and Logan McMenamie, as vice chair.

Tim notes contemplating many key life decisions on silent retreats at Bethlehem Centre over the past 30 years. For two years he and his husband Gary Paterson (Bethlehem’s program chair) have served on the board and remain committed to the long-term sustainability of the Centre.

Along with a great sense of humour, Tim brings a wealth of experience including his impact on equity and inclusion of the LGBTQ2+ community, government leadership and academia.

The first openly gay, ordained Canadian to be elected as MLA in British Columbia. He has led many social justice leadership projects and is currently a professor of religious studies at Langara College. (See Tim receiving the 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award).

Logan McMenamie

BCS also welcomes Logan McMenamie as vice chair. Logan was the 13th Bishop of British Columbia in the Anglican Church of Canada and served as Dean of Columbia and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria. Logan brings a breadth of board, community engagement, financial and organizational development experience, as well as a passion for truth and reconciliation.

Ingrid Sochting and Judi Carter

Learn more about BCS’s newest board members, Ingrid Sochting, director and Judi Carter, board secretary.

Returning Board Members

Thanks to returning board members: Gerry Herkel, past chair, Ed Yewchin (Treasurer), Gary Paterson (Program Chair), Peter Gordon, Anne Sims, Catherine Woodward, and Jane Clelland for their continued service to the Centre’s purpose-driven work.

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