Friends of Bethlehem Centre

As we all know a rezoning application for condos has been made on the tennis court property next door. Apart from not looking very nice and being a continuous intrusion on our privacy, we feel that its very existence could threaten the future of Bethlehem. Those seeking solace and sanctuary may avoid coming.

Since you have clicked on this link, we hope you have a willingness to write a short note to city council opposing this rezoning application. The purpose of the following information is to help provide you with some guidance. But it is important that you make this in your own words.

  • Please write your letter or email to the following: Mayor Leonard Krog and Council
    • The mailing address is:
      City of Nanaimo
      455 Wallace Street
      Nanaimo, BC V9R 5J6
  • Or…email addresses are:
  • Name and Location of the rezoning application
    • White Lion Developments,  2367 Arbot Rd, Nanaimo 
  • State your address or what your interest might be. It can be as simple as. “I am a long-time supporter of Bethlehem Centre”   or “I am a friend of Bethlehem Centre”
  • Some examples of areas of concern you might wish to consider using in your letter:
    • In my opinion, this proposed development is too big for the neighbourhood
    • Bethlehem Centre and the area is quiet and rural in nature, which is not compatible with urban density
    • The development would ruin the peaceful ambience of Bethlehem and would continuously intrude on our privacy
    • This development is incompatible with the nature reserve atmosphere of Bethlehem and Westwood Lake area. It goes against my values.
    • I have been coming to Bethlehem for years and years and I enjoy the quiet solitude, peace and privacy. I don’t want people overlooking me.
    • I worry that if this development goes forward, many others like it will follow one by one
    • If you approve the first one how can you decline the others that follow
    • The whole neighbourhood will change
    • The beautiful setting in nature is what I find so magical about Bethlehem
    • If you feel this way you might say “This development will ruin Bethlehem”
    • Urban density should be located closer to urban city services – shopping, schools, and community centres and so on.

You probably get the drift/feel.
Thank you for all your help and good luck. Here’s hoping for a good outcome for us all.

here is the link to the city’s progress on the application

We pray.