Sat Nov 4, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

“The real subject of autobiography is not one’s experience, but one’s consciousness. Memoirists use the self as a tool.”  (Patricia Hampl)

Since ancient times, we have written our life stories for the same reasons that we write about our lives today: to record our experiences and the times in which we have lived; to remember and honour those who have gone before us; to help connect present and future generations to their heritage; and, above all, to make sense of our own lives. This one day workshop will get you writing, seeking and sharing, as you explore your personal spiritual journey in the context of your life story. Writings and music from several spiritual traditions will be your inspiration, and other participants will be your support. We will engage with some of the great questions addressed by all religious and spiritual traditions, as we write about our lives and explore our individual spiritual challenges and understandings. You’ll feel encouraged, and gain insights, as we share stories, and will leave inspired to continue working on your spiritual memoir.

DEBORAH GRAHAM: A strong believer in the power of the written word as a tool of personal exploration and development, Deborah Graham has been writing and teaching writing most of her adult life. A certified Guided Autobiography instructor, she presently teaches life-writing classes, and helps people write their life stories through her personal history business, Acorn Memoirs. A self-described seeker, Deborah views life as a spiritual quest for meaning. She believes that reflection, contemplation, and gratitude for the small moments of daily existence are key to understanding the self, and engaging with life’s great questions. She also values the power of music, which she views as the deepest articulation of human thoughts and feeling, connecting us to the divine.

Note: Deborah will be offering an eight-week Guided Autobiography program, Writing Life Stories, following this one-day workshop. If you are interested, please give us a cal at 250 754 3254 to put your name on the list.



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