Where is the Sacred? – Kundalini Yoga with Jana Ziman

Tue Jan 30, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Four 3-hour Workshops with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Awareness Enhancement with the World Perennial Wisdom Practices

Explore possibilities of infusing your living and working environment with the Sacred; practice Kundalini – Yoga of Awareness and expand your perception; find inspiration through the world perennial wisdom and the fellow participants in this circle.

In our culture a regular attention to the Divine has diminished dramatically. The separation of mundane and Sacred has grown, human hearts are quieted by monkey minds, contemplative silence is replaced by constant surface chatter, and human beings are burdened with sorrow, guilt, grief, desperation and loss of hope. This is our daily reality, when there is a time shortage and overload of various involvements, which takes away opportunities to deepen our soul connection. Materially abundant cultures suffer with innermost emptiness and a hunger for deeper meaning and joy. This collective energy has transmuted the most revered holidays in Christianity – Christmas and Easter – into materially indulgent happenings, where the essence of the Spirit is less significant. Where is the Sacred?

Our circle forms to deliver inspiration how to create more space for the Sacred. We will immerse into ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breath-work, mantra and self-awareness. Teachings from Christianity, Sufism, Sikhism, Taoism, Buddhism, and other world-wide spiritual practices are welcome to be placed on the energetic altar of this gathering. The aim is to take home some hints and practical tools to help us infuse even the most Spirit resisting environments with a spark of reverence to the Great Mystery, and navigate through the “material rat-race” with lightness, humour, and grace.

With dawn of the New Year 2018, we will expand our gratitude consciousness and embrace the dark polarity with the same tenderness as the one we all prefer. The essence and energetic frequency of gratitude is of “the most fertile soil” to plant the seeds for the new beginnings.  Bring all your wounds, disappointments, sorrows, grudges, betrayals, confusion, despair, regrets, shame, fears and doubts into a cauldron in the middle of this circle and observe what transpires when you choose to let go and forgive. “For-giving” is the most liberating act of self-reverence and reflects our trust in the highest purpose of all the lessons in this “University of Life”. Sacred practices of yoga, mind control, body-heart-mind connection loop, deep relaxation and sound healing are tools to employ during this series.

In the highest vibration, “Gratitude”, we shall intentionally and consciously weave the Sacred into our daily lives, homes, work-places, ways of eating, bathing, breathing, walking, talking, listening, creating… The circle will hold each of us in rapport, inspiration and trust. In simple little steps we will illuminate that part of ourselves, which we secretly hold sacred, because once we perhaps used to be shamed for its natural expression, or never had opportunities to set it free.

I trust that this invitation touches your heart enough that you will choose to invest your time and energy into this noble cause. The preference is to form a solid group enabling us to create a strong container for shining bright, and in our vibratory frequency add to many other Light-workers around the planet. Should you feel called to form a “solid brick” of this Lighthouse, please, register for the whole series. If the life circumstances do not allow you, feel free to attend a single event. All are welcome – no age, gender, state or shape is in the way of your participation. The only requirement is following the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga practice, which you can read here: http://www.kundaliniyogahealing.com/webpages/generalrulesandrecommendations.html

Jana Ziman works with groups since 2004 as a teacher, therapist, transformational life coach, and clinical counselor. Jana holds many degrees, but nothing bears more value to her than a direct experience, integration of practices into daily life, and a practical ways of walking the talk. Her main resources are Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, IBP – Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Earth based practices. Her studies and experiences in transpersonal field, world spiritual traditions, and psychotherapy all confirm the same: Life is a somatic experience. The physical body is a very sophisticated tool for the soul to learn how to be a human and live a vital, meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone is equipped to do so, because our true essence is of Love and Light. Jana’s dynamic style of establishing Body-Home for the Soul delivers assurance, empowerment, and creative spark.

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