Nurturing a New Season Within – A Retreat into Contemplative Practice (with Nan & Murray)

Sun Feb 21, 2021 - Fri Feb 26, 2021
All Day

Come away from the demands of current crises to be immersed in 5 days of intentional practice. On retreat, we find the presence and tenor of our own souls. Gifted with spaciousness and contemplative awareness, with a community of like-minded seekers and supported by the able guidance of Nan Goodship and Murray Groom, you will have an opportunity to delve into a still center and there find affirmation, perspective and wholeness. Beginning on Sunday afternoon (via Zoom) with introductions and orientation to the days, we will enter retreat that evening. Each day will begin with morning practice, continue with noontime and afternoon engagement and conclude with an hour of evening practice. Emerging on Thursday evening, we will conclude with evaluation and farewell Friday morning. 45-minute sessions of spiritual accompaniment with one of the program leaders will be available each day for each participant. Morning, noon, afternoon and evening pauses include spiritual practices ancient and modern, from a variety of sources. The Goals of this program

  • to have participants experience an immersion in extended practice, which enables a refreshment of the soul through perspective and insight
  • to provide participants with the support of a spiritual companion as they explore their experience
  • to teach and practise some techniques of spiritual practice, meditation and contemplation
  • to introduce participants to the programs of Bethlehem Centre

Nan GoodshipNan Goodship: Nan is a thorough west coaster and though she has lived for some time in five other countries, for most of her life she calls Vancouver Island home. She is interested in other cultures, the adaptations we make in our lives to find joy, understand our sufferings, and our own hearts and minds. Also, her daily connection to the natural world is a major source of inspiration and a spiritual home. A professional artist, spiritual director, retreat leader and former teacher, she’s been showing work for the last 20 years and doing spiritual direction for the last 10 years. These two areas of endeavour work together beautifully as one informs the other on an ongoing basis, providing me with ongoing questions, discoveries and projects. As far as academic training goes she holds a BA in Japanese and Asian studies from UBC, Waldorf teacher training, certification from the Pacific Jubilee Program for spiritual direction, and a Masters in interdisciplinary arts from Goddard College. Nan also considers her time as an at-home mom a kind of life training par excellence. It is an unfettered delight to guide others in the spiritual and creative practices that have been so enriching. Murray Groom: The Reverend Doctor Murray Groom is an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada. He has been educated as a mathematician (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg), a theologian (St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon; St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton) and as a spiritual director/soul companion (The Pacific Jubilee Program in Spiritual Direction, Vancouver). His vocation in ministry evolved over 33 years in parish life and he continues to work as a spiritual director, retreat leader and church consultant. His current interests include singing, playing the piano, hiking, gardening and conversations with meaning. A husband and father, he lives in Shawnigan Lake and continues to adjust his culinary practice to reflect a more post-modern diet.

Virtual event Open to everyone to participate online

Residents of Vancouver Island are welcome to retreat at the centre during this virtual retreat, however, per public health orders, NO group gatherings are allowed at this time. This means that all participants will attend all workshops via zoom.

Virtual Event Cost $500

Call for individual retreat information (add a food and accommodations package $690)

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