The Interfaith Amigos – A Unique Blend of Spiritual Wisdom & Humour – Live at Bethlehem!

Sun Oct 28, 2018
All Day

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Given the depth and breadth of problems throughout the world, particularly those rooted in religious differences, a focus on shared values, the common universals among different faiths, and the need to come together in peace, the Interfaith Amigos assert that interfaith cooperation is important for nothing less than human survival.- George Banziger, Marietta Times

Join us in October for a very special weekend with the Interfaith Amigos. The weekend will include an opening event with the Amigos where they will share stories and reflections. On Saturday there will be 2 workshops and time for reflection. On Sunday morning we will enjoy a worship celebration with insights from all three of the Interfaith Amigos.

Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Rabbi Ted Falcon started working together after 9/11. Since then, they have brought their unique blend of spiritual wisdom and humor to audiences all over the World. The Interfaith Amigos present a crucial message in their unique humorous style, helping participants appreciate the promise and the problems of the interfaith experience. With their willingness to openly address the usual taboos of interfaith dialogue—the “awkward parts of each tradition—the Interfaith Amigos create a more authentic conversation, between themselves and with their audiences, giving people an opportunity to step more fully into the rich promise of the interfaith experience. Their work is dedicated to supporting more effective interfaith dialogue that can bring greater collaboration on the major social and economic issues of our time.


Friday Evening Presentation: Open to the public

Interfaith Dialogue for Challenging Times – Public Event – Tickets available below.

The Interfaith Amigos share some of the promises as well as the problems related to developing an interfaith dialogue that can support collaborative action in our world. With warmth, humor, and wisdom, these three teachers guide an interfaith process that opens us to spiritual treasures supporting healing and wholeness.

Saturday Morning

“Creating an Effective Foundation for Interfaith Dialogue – Part 1”

The Interfaith Amigos guide participants in developing a foundation for truly effective communication toward more purposeful collaboration. In this workshop, participants are invited to experience how to move beyond polarization and stereotyping to more authentically meet the other.

Saturday Afternoon

personal reflection, meditation, fellowship

Please note: On Saturday at 4:30 PM participants are welcome to join the Catholic service hosted by the Benedictines of Nanaimo and officiated by Bishop Emeritus Remi de Roo, last surviving Bishop who attended Vatican II. Remi is very interested in Interfaith dialogue and creating space for spiritual exploration.

Saturday Evening

“Creating an Effective Foundation for Interfaith Dialogue – Part 2”

Sunday Morning   – Open to the public

Faith Celebration! (by donation at the door)

NOTE: Only 23 Residential spaces available; 15 commuter spaces; 60 additional spaces for Friday evening and Sunday Morning.

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