BLOSSOM: Kundalini Yoga & IBP Transformational Body Work: Know Your Self and Find Comfort in Who You Are

Fri Jul 5, 2019 - Sun Jul 7, 2019
All Day

Led by Jana Ziman / Guru Bhai Kaur:

A weekend intensive at Bethlehem Centre – indoor and outdoor

Starting at 5:30 with dinner on Friday and finishing at 5:30 pm on Sunday

With the emergence of summer, all nature is urged to express its creative potential in its fullness. Dormant Kundalini energy is a life-giving force in humans. It removes obstacles, clears obscurities, and sparks an act of courage to risk a full opening and exposure. One’s awareness and acceptance of each individual’s uniqueness to this world comes with permission to be who we truly are, to recognize our natural beauty, and already present wholeness. Do you dare to blossom in your true colours?

Powerful kriyas and highly effective meditations of Kundalini Yoga will POKE-PROVOKE-CONFRONT-ELEVATE the pure consciousness in you

  • to wake up and meet the demands of full potential in your life;
  • to remember your dreams and recall why you chose to be here;
  • to turn anxiety into excitement;
  • to loosen restraints and flow in ease;
  • to purify and liberate physically, mentally and emotionally;
  • to celebrate expansiveness of your soul and understand that “you do not have to”, but “you CAN”!

This dynamic group work delivers deep insight into your habitual patterns. When you become aware, the path of transformation opens for you. Learn many tools which you can apply in a relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and at your workplace. Discover that you can meet the challenges from a place of inner power and move through life with ease and joy.

What to expect:

  • Breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
  • Grounding and “earthing” practices outdoors;
  • Ways of directing kundalini energy for purposes of purification, activation, and energizing;
  • Exploring energetic boundaries – depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
  • “Breathwalk”, the rhythm of body-mind alignment;
  • Mantra as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels;
  • Learning from trees, the plant kingdom, and waters, how to enhance one’s own healing and adding to the healing of the world;
  • Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

The protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies to this circle.

This retreat is for men and women, no age, state or shape matters, however, your comfort in natural environments is most welcome.

All meals will be vegetarian.

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About Jana Ziman/Guru Bhai Kaur:

Jana understands from her own life that illness, major challenge, or shift can serve as a true blessing and become a portal to awakening. Jana holds many degrees and certificates, but nothing bears more value to her than direct experience, integration of practices into daily life, and a practical way of walking the talk. She is passionate to share simple approaches in various communities around the world. Her main resources are Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, IBP – Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Earth-based practices. Her studies and experiences in the transpersonal field, world spiritual traditions, plant medicines, shamanism, Medicine Wheel, Ayurveda, and more, all confirm for her the same: Life is a somatic experience. The physical body is a very sophisticated tool for the soul to learn how to be a human and live a vital, meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone is equipped to do so because our true essence is of love and light. There are no enemies, only tough teachers. Jana’s dynamic and graceful style of establishing Body-Home for the soul under any life circumstances delivers assurance, empowerment, gratitude, and creative spark to invent one’s own user manual for a human body. Find more at her website:


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