Fri Sep 30, 2016 - Sun Oct 2, 2016
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Bethlehem Centre is pleased to welcome the Island Dharma Society for their fall residential weekend.

Happiness is an Inside Job- Meditation on the Seven Factors of Enlightenment with Dr.Cheryl Fraser

The Buddha was a great psychologist. He taught us to accept that life is filled with joy and sorrow, gain and loss. The practice of Dharma and meditation helps us to understand and directly experience that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. States of anxiety, sadness and discontent occur when we are not in alignment with reality. Simply put, things change, and if our happiness depends on outer circumstances we are forever vulnerable. When the inner world is flexible and awake we can deal with the unexpected changes in our outer life with grace and compassion. A mind that comes to know this truth is a calmer, happier mind. In turn, this inner realization and development create a more compassionate, peaceful person.

In this weekend together, we will practice the seven factors of mind that help us to create happiness and peace from the inside out. These factors are Mindfulness, Curiosity, Energy, Rapture, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity.

This silent meditation retreat will include periods of Samantha (calming concentration practice), Vipassana (Insight) and Mahamudra (open awareness of mind). There will be some guided visualization practice and yoga will be offered. Daily Dharma talks and group interviews with the teacher will be part of the experience. Suitable for both novice and experienced meditators.

The retreat will begin on Friday, September 30th with check-in between 11:00 and noon. Lunch will be served at 12:00. Check-out by 3:00 pm on Sunday, October 2nd.

Please go to for further details on registration.