Dreams, Visions & Revelations

Sun Nov 17, 2019 - Fri Nov 22, 2019
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Dreams, Visions

Dr. Philip A Winkelmans
5-day seminar

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For God speaks in one way, and in two… In a dream, in a vision of the night… while we slumber in our beds. Job-33: 14-18

As Albert Einstien said, “The intuitive mind (soul) is a sacred gift and the rational mind (ego) a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant (Ego) and have forgotten the gift (soul).”

Dr. PhilFocusing on the ‘Soul,’ allows the intuitive voice of the Divine to be heard.

Years ago, prior to my entering into the inner world of my ‘Soul’ I had been studying Spiritual Direction and Dreams at a Benedictine Monastery in Pecos, New Mexico. One night I had this dream of going down into a dark dungeon, where at the far end were three old jail-like cells. I approached cautiously, expecting to find bodies of people long since dead. You’ll probably never guess what was behind these bars? To my amazement, each cell held piled to the ceiling, bars of gold, jewels and silver, and every manner of riches imaginable. So what was my dream trying to tell me?

At that time in my life  I was married with seven children, and a businessman my focus in life was to make money and support my family. However, the dream was showing me that it was now time to tap into and bring forth the inner riches of my ‘Soul’ that I had been ignoring all these years.

Since then, and for the last thirty years or more, I’ve enjoyed seeing the transformational effects that dreams have on myself and others. People are often amazed when they discover that through their Dreams and Visions, they have an inner voice that speaks back to them with wisdom and guidance that goes far beyond their normal ways of thinking, and can have a transformational effect on every part of their lives.

Understanding dreams is just one of the many processes that are presented at my seminars. What excites attendees are the variety of self-help tools they are able to access and use on their own.

“Access to this inner wisdom has been growing steadily, for example; Management professor, Weston H Agor at the University of Texas, tested the intuition of two thousand managers and found the top-level leaders scored higher on intuition than those ranking lower on the Corporate Hierarchy.”

Our Societies focus is to train people to access their left brains, yet we give out Nobel Prizes to those who access their intuitive right brains and call them Geniuses!

Ladder to the clouds

“Dr. Phil, thank you for teaching me how to use Tools For The Soul. I am glad that these soul tools are here for me to use. They have given me a way to regain my life and my health, I am succeeding.” P. Pitcher, Nanaimo, BC

Dr. Phil Whinkelmans has trained thousands in this exciting process in intuitive base practices. He has appeared on TV and radio and has tough both in Canada and the USA. His professional background includes being an Author, Keynote Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, Therapist and Spiritual Director.

“Dr. Phil, These tools have released my soul from my self-imposed prison. The fog of depression has lifted. My soul has burst forth and with it, brought my creativity, inner power and the courage to accept myself. The wonder of rediscovering my soul is akin to being born again. Tina Beer, North Vancouver, BC.”

Discover your inner genius and reap the benefits of going beyond the mental limitations of your ‘Ego’ to the greater inner riches of your ‘Soul’.

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