Creation-Centred Spirituality

Wed Jul 29, 2020 - Fri Jul 31, 2020
2:00 pm - 12:30 pm


dynamic engagement with classic wisdom traditions, guided contemplative practice, the quiet beauty of a forested lakeside environment

Pandemics and pangolins, species extinctions and climate crisis, economic turmoil and widespread anxiety. Living in 2020 means we daily confront sweeping global realities that are hard to absorb. Are we on the frontier of a “new normal”?

Step back for the bigger-picture view!

Take some vital time to retreat~ at home, or on site at the Bethlehem Centre. Join our seasoned spiritual teachers and facilitators Pearl Gervais and Remi De Roo, as they lead usinto classic spiritual wisdom from the mystic tradition,from the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, and from contemporary sources. Creation-Centred Spirituality: Why Now?

Ample time for solitude, 2-metre friendships, walks and swimming. Program activities &options include group-sharing, instrumental music, meditation and prayer, labyrinth,and personal time for reflection.

Host/Facilitator:  Andrew Twiddy;
Teachers: Pearl Gervais, Remi De Roo

~ in collaboration with the BC chapter of the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis(TSSF)

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4 Teaching Sessions

This two-day retreat will include sharing from Remi De Roo and Pearl Gervais based upon Hebrew and Christian Scriptures themes, the Mystic tradition and contemporary wisdom.

Follow-up activities and options will include group-sharing, instrumental music, meditation and prayer,and personal time for reflection. The retreat gathers the inner energy of each soul and being of each creature, however their matter! Welcome to the dawning of a new day, with its high noon and evening thoughts.

Each of these sessions is accessible as a stand-alone event, as well as forming a unified whole.

Session One: “… and God said, “It is good!” (Wednesday afternoon)

This session will ponder the invitation to explore the relationship between Creator and Creation. How do the Hebrew Scriptures enlighten our minds, enflame our hearts and move us to action. Some questions to ponder: What do they tell us about the Creator’s love for Creation? What do they call us to be? to do?

Session Two: Creation as Metaphor (Thursday morning)

This session will have a similar focus but using the teaching of the Christian Scriptures. We will navigate through some of the themes of loving one another, of transformation, of mercy and of service to all that Jesus used to highlight the beauty of all creatures. We will identify how Jesus used the images of creation to help us delve and respond to our own call.

Session Three: “I am a part of all that I have met.” (Thursday afternoon)

This session will help us remember who in our personal, communal and faith lives have been models and mentors for us on this journey of being one with our Creator and creation. What wisdom do they bring to today’s challenges?

Session Four: The Power and Urgency of NOW (Friday morning)

This session will stress the importance of contemplation and action. How are they connected? How does our humanity, our faith traditions our call to ecological justice impel us to conversion and action? Is there a relationship between praising and responding.

This retreat observes social-distancing,and practices silence during meals.

Limit of 15 residential spaces, plus 10 commuter spaces.


ask about our “retreat-at-home” option –teachings broadcast live to yourown location

Booking Options

Wednesday, July 29, 2:00 pm to Friday, July 31 (12:30 pm /after lunch)


  1. Residential Rate or
  2. Commuter Rate

1) Residential Rate – Meal and Accommodation Package If you wish to stay at Bethlehem Centre for the program, this option will give you a two night stay with all meals and snacks for one person.  (For single-night accommodation, or for additional nights of accommodation, please contact us.)

2) Commuter Rate – Meal Package If you wish to commute to the Centre for the program, this option will give you evening meals at 5.30 pm from Wednesday to Friday, lunches Thursday and Friday, breakfasts excluded.

If people wish to register for our “at-home” retreat broadcast, please contact us at, or to ask for Mandy or Andrew at 250-248-3114.

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