Fri Jul 15, 2016 - Sun Jul 17, 2016
3:30 pm - 2:00 pm

A livestream of this wonderful event will be available at the Centre this year!
Hosted by Roger Kimmerly this webcast features Richard Rohr, Christena Cleveland, James Alison and Mirabai Starr.

Everything belongs.
No one needs to be punished, scapegoated, or excluded.
We cannot directly fight or separate ourselves from evil or untruth.
Darkness becomes apparent when exposed to the Light.

Richard Rohr acknowledges that Christianity has often failed at its primary task—re-teaching our intrinsic belonging and beloved identity. While it takes a lifetime to rediscover our True Selves, we can begin by developing healthy egos and boundaries. From there we must allow great love and suffering to teach us that everything belongs, even—and most especially—our faults and weaknesses. Father Richard teaches contemplative practice as a way to bring darkness into light, holding all within God’s loving presence.

Christena Cleveland bears witness to the prejudice, hostility, and “us vs. them” mentality that develops from strong social influences and unconscious beliefs about our identity. She offers a holistic, head/heart/hands path to unity and reconciliation. Through psychology, theology, and practical applications, Dr. Cleveland invites us to see and love our neighbors—regardless of color or culture—as ourselves.

James Alison brings to focus the recurring pattern of scapegoating which allows us to project our collective darkness elsewhere and to call our violence sacred. Jesus broke this pattern by surrendering, by forgiving, by giving grace freely. Rather than moralizing about who’s in and who’s out, the resurrection calls us to share peace with all. Through Scripture and Catholic teaching, Father Alison reveals God to be unconditionally loving. With this awareness, we can form real communities of reconciliation and generosity.

Mirabai Starr describes herself as “spiritually promiscuous, lying down with any God who will have me.” Her love for God—called by many names and known in many ways—is alluring. Starr shows us how everything belongs, sharing from her own experience as well as the lives and writings of the mystics. In her comforting presence we cannot help but welcome the good and bad, joy and pain, ecstasy and grief . . . and be open to change at the deepest levels.
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