Deposits, Payments and Cancellation

Soft Holds

The Centre offers soft holds for group bookings, a kind of temporary reservation for dates.  You will be sent a quote/agreement with a deposit request to confirm the dates, venue and room block.  

In the case there is another request for the same dates, the guest with a soft hold must provide a 25% deposit within 3 days to confirm the booking.  If the guest with the soft hold is willing to release the dates, the other guest will receive a quote/agreement and must provide a 25% deposit to confirm the booking.


Confirmed bookings and program participation require a 25% deposit at the time of booking.  A second deposit of an additional 25% is required at least 45 days in advance of the booking.

Cancellations by Group

If a booking is cancelled fewer than 90 days in advance, there is no refund of deposits. 

Cancellations by Centre

In the event that the Centre is unable to provide space for the booking due to a public health order or other reason, the deposit will be refunded in full or the deposit may be used to secure a future date.

Participant Attrition

If the number of participants in the program is reduced by more than 2 participants between 30 days and one week prior to the event, a 50% refund for each participant cancelled applies.  One week prior to the event there will be no refund for a reduced number of participants.


Final Payment

Full payment is due for all group bookings upon arrival.