Deposits, Payments and Cancellation

Soft Holds

The Centre offers soft holds for programs, a kind of temporary reservation.

Unless there is another request, a soft hold will be kept in place.  In the event of another proposal for the same date, the client with a soft hold must put a 20% deposit on the program within 3 days to confirm the program and lift the soft hold. If the client with the soft hold is willing to release the dates, the other client must place a 20% deposit to confirm.


Confirmed bookings and program participation require a 20% deposit at the time of booking, the full balance is due upon arrival.

In exceptional circumstances, and only at the discretion of the Executive Director, the 20% deposit may be waived, by application in writing, in order to assist a client with a firm booking. Deposits are non-refundable except as outlined in “Cancellations.”


If a booking or program registration is cancelled fewer than 30 days in advance, there is no possibility of refund of the deposit.

In exceptional circumstances, if the cancellation is more than 30 days in advance, the Executive Director can invite the client to make a request to the Centre in writing addressed to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will review requests for refunds and make a recommendation to the Board, who will then either approve or reject the request. (This process may take up to two months)

Participant Attrition

If the number of participants in the program is reduced by more than 2 participants, between 30 days and one week prior to the event, a 50% refund for each participant cancelled applies.

One week prior to the event there will be no refund for a reduced number of participants.