Program Proposal Form

Program Guidelines


The Bethlehem Centre welcomes program proposals that meet one or more of the following guidelines:


  • The program is designed to advance education through the offering of a course, workshop or seminar in the areas of:


  • personal and professional development
  • world religions


  • The program is structured to provide educational support to children, youth and adults with disabilities as well as ensuring physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of those individuals.


  • The program is grounded in the tenets, doctrines and observances associated with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism or Hinduism, or integrates the teachings or music of these religions.


Section 1: Program Information


Date of submission:                                                    ____________

Working Title:                                                             ____________

Alternate Title:                                                            ____________

Maximum Attendees (if applicable):                                                 

Suggested program dates:_________________________________ (please include at least two date ranges)

 Statement of Intent:

Please explain how your program and presenter meet the criteria outlined by the Bethlehem Centre.   (Even if it does not, we may be able to offer your program under our “Excess Capacity” if we have the space; however, we can only advertise on our website those programs that qualify under the terms of our charitable organization status. Programs that are accepted under “Excess Capacity” will be advertised through our newsletter.

Program Outline:

Please provide a brief synopsis of your program (300 words).

Program goals:

Please describe the learning outcomes and objectives associated with your program curriculum.  Once your proposal is accepted, we will also ask about your fee structure.


Section 2: Presenter Information


Mailing Address:                                                        



Website (if applicable):                                                         


Presenter Biography:

Please provide with a short presenter biography of no more than 150 words (for marketing purposes)


Section 3: Marketing

The Bethlehem Centre appreciates your collaboration in marketing efforts. Please include a summary of marketing tools that you will employ to promote the event and ensure participation.


Additional Comments: