Volunteer Work-Stay Residency

Spend time in service and self-inquiry at the Bethlehem Centre.

Our vision is “spirituality without borders” and we are located on Westwood Lake  in Nanaimo, with big trees, walking paths, and an outdoor labyrinth. The Centre is also home to one of the only peace poles on the Island. We operate year-round and offer our guests opportunities to connect with their spiritual path through programs and events. Our Volunteer Work-Stay Residency program offers you the opportunity to get involved and make a contribution to the vision of this unique spiritual centre on Vancouver Island.

Your role as a work-stay member of our team will have you offering support to our operation in client service and catering, and being on call overnight for emergencies, every other week. A beautiful room, shared bathroom (with one other live-in resident), a live-in lounge overlooking the lake, and three meals per day are included in this experience that lasts twelve (12) weeks. Shorter, and possibly longer, terms may be available.

In addition, as a Work-stay program participant you are welcome to take part in any Bethlehem Centre programs, at no charge, in your free time.

We welcome applications on an ongoing basis for two positions. If there are no positions available when you apply we will keep your name on the waiting list until a spot comes available.

Please send your letter of inquiry with your background and the reason why you would like to be in a position like thisat the Bethlehem Centre to Heather Marshall, Operations Coordinator – operations@bethlehemcentre.com


Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer Position)

Overall responsibility:

The volunteer services coordinator is responsible for the overall delivery of services by volunteers and the support of volunteers.


Reports to:                 Operations Coordinator


Key areas of responsibility: (Other duties may be assigned as appropriate.)

  1. Design volunteer program – work with management to design the basic elements of a volunteer program and related materials.
  1. Implement and evaluate all volunteer recruitment, orientation and record keeping
  • Recruit, screen, interview and check references of all volunteers. Together with management, assess suitability of potential volunteers for front-line service
  • Design, implement and evaluate volunteer training program
  • Conduct educational needs and assessments with individual volunteers and through specific sessions
  • Manage volunteer education budget
  1. Provide volunteer supervision and volunteer assignment of duties
  • Place bi-monthly call to all volunteers re: volunteer satisfaction
  • Conduct yearly interviews re: volunteer satisfaction
  • check in with volunteers on leaves of absence/ bereavement leave
  • Coordinate volunteers’ assignments
  • Recruit internal and external volunteers for specific assignments
  • Ensure the development and/or maintenance of job descriptions for all volunteers
  1. Plan and execute all volunteer appreciation events
  • Plan volunteer appreciation events
  • Write submissions and/or coordinate volunteer submissions to the newsletter
  • Manage volunteer appreciation budget
  • Develop new, innovative ways to show appreciation to volunteers
  1. Plan annual open house event
  • Recruit volunteers for committee
  • Plan annual event in collaboration with management, including invitations,
  • Manage budget for the event
  • Evaluate the event
  1. Maintain volunteer lists, statistics, and forms.
  • Maintain computerized volunteer address and phone lists – distribute regularly to staff
  • Collect statistics re: volunteer recruitment, attrition, appreciation
  • Review current forms & develop new forms as appropriate
  1. Represent the organization at volunteer coordinator events
  • Attend volunteer coordinators’ network meetings

Consults with:

  • Director and planning team on scheduling of activities and bookings
  • Resident staff about ongoing activities and scheduling

Qualifications, skills and/or requirements:

  • Belief in, support, and adherent to mission statement
  • Strong computer skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Independent judgment and discretion when working with the public and other staff
  • Caring and hospitable attitude towards our guests
  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Polite and respectful approach in working with others
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to multi-task and to handle multiple interruptions
  • Ability to listen
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Ability to organize and prioritize responsibilities


To apply for this volunteer position, please forward your Cover Letter and Resume to: hr@bethlehemcentre.com