This is a separate stand-alone building that is directly beside Shepherd Hall. There are 18 rooms in Capernaum House with 9 on the main floor and 9 upstairs. 6 rooms have single beds, and 12 rooms have double beds.  Each floor has 2 shared washrooms, with 2 sinks, 2 toilets and 2 showers.

Upstairs there is a cozy common area lounge with seating for up to 9 people, a love-seat, an armchair, a table with 5 chairs.

There is a kettle, microwave and mini fridge in the lounge for anyone staying in Capernaum House to use. If you are bringing personal food items we recommend you mark your room number/name on them.

Capernaum House is ideal for groups larger than 5 people and up to 18, and would work well for anyone with groups that are using Shepherd Hall as their meeting space.