Core values


‘Hospitality’ is the one of the core values of the Centre and interpreted by staff to mean welcoming and holding space in our lives/minds/hearts for every individual who’s path we are fortunate to cross.


We acknowledge and honour the uniqueness and inherent value of each human being and every spiritual path, and we welcome individuals and groups who value a deeper understanding of human spirituality.


We value deep listening as a way of connecting to self, others and to the earth.


Seeking simplicity in life, in contrast to the complexities in our lives and society, is a desired value and we seek to model simplicity at the Centre.

Living in Relationship with the Earth and the Cosmos

We are ‘one’ with the earth, the cosmos and every living being.

Essence of the Centre

  • We are open and inviting to ALL expressions of spirituality.
  • The essence of the Centre is based upon respect, compassion and inclusiveness.
  • We seek to grow, evolve and engage while we are in the process of transformation.
  • We offer a safe, non-judgmental ‘haven’ for the expression of ideas and beliefs.