Bethlehem Centre




Our traditional history of hospitality reflects the essence and primary expression of the core values of Bethlehem Center.

We offer a personal welcome, simple accommodation and nourishing food in an environment of beauty and peace.


 We embrace and honour the uniqueness, the inherent value of each human being and each spiritual path.

We welcome individuals and groups from all spiritual traditions and practices.


We value deep listening as a way of connecting to self, others and the earth.  We listen with the ear of our heart.


We believe that simplicity is an invitation which stands in contrast to the complexity of our lives and society.

Living in relationship with the earth and Cosmos

We acknowledge that we are one with the earth, the cosmos and every living being.

We celebrate the compassion that is at the core of our relationship with every living being and all things.

Mission Statement

Bethlehem Centre encourages and supports the expression of beliefs and values about humanity, spirituality, healing and peace by welcoming groups and individuals exploring a spiritual path and seeking a gathering place for education, reflection and community building.

Bethlehem Centre’s Story

On June 25, 2014, Friends of Bethlehem Centre Society was officially established as a registered society under the Society Act of B.C.  As in 2002 when the Benedictines purchased the Centre from the Diocese of Victoria, the goal of the new society was to assure that the Bethlehem Centre continue to be present to the spiritual needs of persons on Vancouver Island and beyond.

At the time of incorporation the hope of the new society was to purchase Bethlehem Centre by involving four churches as investors.  The Anglican Diocese was the first (and only) of the four to commit. Members of the Board soon realized that they could not buy the Centre, but that they were, in fact, a catalyst searching for potential buyers.

In April of 2015 the Anglican Diocese agreed to invest and a private investor from Toronto joined.  An urgent email message went out to all 450 members of the Friends Society and the following day, two families agreed to invest.  The four investors formed the Bethlehem Investors Group (B.I.G.), letters of commitment were obtained, and a purchase agreement was drawn up and signed by the new joint venture.  On July 15, 2015, a new society commenced operation of the Centre with Lucia Gamroth as Interim Director.  And on July 31, 2015, the purchase of Bethlehem Centre was completed.

The foundation for what exists today as the Bethlehem Centre rests on 28 years of commitment of the Benedictines Nanaimo to the people of Vancouver Island. The House of Bread Monastery was founded in 1974 when Bishop Remi DeRoo asked the Benedictine Sisters to return to Vancouver Island. Jean Ann Berning and Augusta Raabe, Benedictines from Mt. Angel, Oregon responded to his request and established a Benedictine presence in the community of Nanaimo. Within the first months, their home became a gathering place for scripture discussions and spiritual journeying.

Thirteen years later, as an extension of the established spiritual traditions of those early years, the Bethlehem Centre was founded under the leadership of Sr. Jill Aigner. With the help of individuals and groups of many faiths, and other organizations, the Benedictines purchased the Centre from the Diocese in 2002 so that the Bethlehem Centre could continue to address the spiritual needs of persons on Vancouver Island and beyond.


Employment Opportunities

Hospitality Workers – available immediately

Hospitality Worker: We are looking for individuals seeking employment as hospitality workers. Come join us in a fun, friendly atmosphere and be a part of producing and serving excellent meals to guests. If you are seeking part time work with a flexible schedule, this...

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Volunteer Work Stay Residency

Spend time in service and self-inquiry at the Bethlehem Centre. Our vision is "spirituality without borders" and we are located on Westwood Lake  in Nanaimo, with big trees, walking paths, and an outdoor labyrinth. The Centre is also home to one of the only peace...

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